Everything you wanted to know about a shoot with me and were afraid to ask:
Where is it?
My studio is on the north side of Houston near The Woodlands:  3336 Spring Stuebner  Road, Suite Door#U,  Spring TX 77389.  
There is a google map on the contact page.
How long will it take?
A normal shoot last about 2 and a half hours plus about an hour for make-up.
What do I get?
Images that make most grown men cry!  After our shoot,  you will leave with a disk of proofs (all the images we took that day) that is approximately 220 to 275 images.  Take a week to look over the proofs.  Email me your favorite 10 images for the normal glamour shoot. Those images,  I will make perfect for you. When I’m done “fixing” those 10 images,  I’ll put the high res printable versions on a disk and mail it to you.  You will be able to get as many prints of them as you want anywhere. There is no secret cost of fees later,  like some photographers charge you.
What do I bring?
Bring all your sexy stuff and we’ll figure out what to wear when you get here.  The 2 hour shoot ends up being about 5 to 6 outfits.   If you look at my webpage images,  you might get some ideas of what to bring.   Don’t forget belts, boots,  jewelry, earrings and anything made of leather or lace.
Who can I bring?
Feel free to bring anyone with you, except bf’s or hubbies!   Trust me it doesn’t work when they are there.
Hair and Make-up?
I have several make-up artists that I use.  They charge $125 for hair and make-up.   They are paid separately.   If you have a professional MUA that you’d like to work that’s cool too.   This is for one look and she leaves.   They can be hired to stay and do additional looks or coach posing.
How much will it cost?  
Give me call and we can chat.  Depends and what you need,  everyone is different.  It’s impossible to put a price list on the site.
What if I don’t know what to do?
For the Mom’s out there:  Don’t worry just bring everything.  I’ll help you pick out the good stuff and I’ll help you with posing and stuff.   It’s ok…. I hear “I don’t know what to do” all the time.   Important thing is to just come with a good attitude and have fun!
When can we do this?
I have shoots Monday evenings 3:00pm, Wednesday 3:00pm, Thursday 3:00pm, and Saturdays 9am.  Those are show-up times for make-up which takes a little over and hour to do.  You just tell me the best day of the week for you.  I stay booked about a month or more out so call me early to get the day you want.  Saturdays book really fast!
Trust me you’ll absolutely love it!  I can take credit cards too so it’s not like your really paying for it… well not least right now.  If you have any other questions feel free to give me a call anytime. #713.516.6160